If you are an employer, or someone in control of premises, you have a duty to understand and manage legionella risks. Eton Environmental Group isĀ able to carry out legionella risk assessments, which will help you understand your water system, establish legionella risks and define any action that should be taken to prevent the spread of legionella bacteria.

Legionella is a form of pneumonia which can be contacted by inhaling small drops of water suspended in air which contain legionella bacteria.

Any water system with the right environmental conditions could be a source for legionella bacteria growth. The most common sources of legionella are in man-made water systems, including hot and cold water systems.

Where necessary, samples will be sent to a specialist laboratory where the water sample will be analysed for legionella bacteria. Where legionella bacteria isĀ identified, we will contact you and offer advice as to the most appropriate action to take to remedy the situation.

We also have our own online legionella awareness course which will help duty holders comply with their regulatory health and safety requirements.

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