The Covid-19 pandemic has left million of office and commercial buildings across the UK empty, with businesses arranging for their staff to work remotely from home on the advice of the Government.

Early this month we began to see the lifting of the lock-down restrictions with the advice being for the majority of the working population to still continue working from home but with some sectors being allowed to open.

If the spread of Coronavirus in the UK continues to slow and if the five tests set by the Government are met, we will enter phase two of the recovery strategy. From 1st June, this will likely see the reopening of schools and non-essential retail businesses. Businesses who have furloughed staff will also be able to recall them so, within the new Covid-19 secure guidelines, it is also expected that more people will return to work in offices, albeit not on the same levels as before.

With buildings either completely empty or mostly empty, this is the perfect time to undertake compliance work on your premises, especially if you are planning to carry out work to modify your building for this post Covid-19 world.

If so, will this work require a refurbishment or demolition asbestos survey?

Will you need to update your fire risk assessment or carry out a fire compartmentation survey or fire door inspection to a new part of the building?

If hot and cold-water systems in your building have not been running for a few months, can you be sure legionella bacteria have formed, so will you need to update your legionella risk assessment?

Have empty buildings become a magnet for birds and pigeons so do any pigeon droppings need removing?

If any painting is taking place on existing, older walls, would you benefit from a lead paint survey?

Or, you may just decide that now is the perfect time to undertake a deep clean of your premises to reduce the risk of Coronavirus in your building?

These are all things you may wish to bear in mind ahead of any further lifting of lock-down restrictions by the Government in the months to come.

Eton Environmental Group is more than happy to provide free advice and guidance to ensure you continue to meet your health and safety building compliance requirements.