Independent trade association

Eton Environmental Group is pleading a leading role in the UK’s first fully independent trade association representing companies involved in asbestos testing and inspection. The National Organisation of Asbestos Consultants... View Article

Health and safety membership

Eton Environmental Group has joined the UK’s largest corporate health and safety membership organisation. Our membership of the British Safety Council (BSC) recognises our position as one of the UK’s... View Article

Grassroots football

Eton Environmental Group has continued its support of local grassroots football by sponsoring another team. We paid £350 to buy strips for Whinney Banks Under-7s, who play in the Teesside... View Article

Toxic paint

Toxic paint containing much more than the recommended amount of lead has been found in playgrounds in the south east of England. Scientists from Plymouth University recently published research in... View Article

How much asbestos

Just under a quarter of schools in England (23%) have not declared how much asbestos they have in their buildings and how they are managing the risks, a Government committee... View Article

Asbestos fibres

Two construction companies have been fined £112,000 after work on a school resulted in their sub-contractors being exposed to asbestos fibres. Oakwood Junior school in Derby was undergoing refurbishment work... View Article