Do you know that around 10,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with a lung disease every week?

And that somebody dies from lung disease in the UK every 5 minutes.

We have all, understandably, been gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 18 months but when you compare the Covid infection/death rates with figures like this, they pale into comparison.

Lung diseases are responsible for more than 700,000 hospital admissions and over 6 million in-patient bed-day in the UK each year, and one of these diseases is mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused predominantly by breathing in asbestos dust.

Mesothelioma is usually fatal, and treatments are currently aimed at easing symptoms and improving quality of life rather than a cure.

As a company which has been providing asbestos management services, including asbestos surveying, asbestos awareness training and asbestos laboratory sampling, this is a subject very close to our hearts and one of the reasons why we are happy to support the Health and Safety Executive’s WorkRight Campaign.

This is a month-long inspection initiative running throughout October to ensure construction firms have their health and safety standards are up to scratch with the focus being on respiratory risks and occupational lung disease

Inspectors are looking at the control measures businesses have in place to protect their workers lungs from construction dust including asbestos.

3,500 construction workers die every year from cancers related to exposure to dust, and many more succumb to other severe chronic lung diseases.

These deaths are preventable and with respiratory illness being one of the key symptoms of Covid-19, no-one should need reminding of the importance

Employers are legally bound to protect workers, and if they fail in their legal duty, HSE will take enforcement action that could end in costly fines and damage to often hard-earned reputations.

So, whether it’s asbestos surveying you need, sampling of asbestos, or our United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) accredited awareness training, we can help you manage the risk in your workplace.

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