Eton Environmental Group is providing a helping hand at Christmas by taking part in an initiative aimed at ensuring families in Wakefield don’t go hungry over the festive season.

One of our clients, Engie, is putting together Christmas hampers which will be distributed to disadvantaged families in the town.

The initiative reflects the work Engie is doing on behalf of Wakefield Council, including building projects and property maintenance. Eton Environmental Group has been carrying out a number of fire risk assessments in the town on behalf of Engie.

We asked our staff to donate non-perishable items so we could put together hampers that will feed a family of four on Christmas Day, covering breakfast, dinner and tea.

We made up five hampers in total, as well as helping to deliver others. These will now be distributed this week to schools where families have been identified as being in need.

Eton Environmental Group Director Joanna Shaefer said: “Since we started Eton, we have always been keen to supported charities and local organisations in the areas where we provide our services.

“We are delighted to be able to contribute towards the initiative set up by Engie and we hope our hampers, along with all the others which are being donated, will make a big difference this Christmas.

“No-one should go hungry at Christmas and for the price of a round of Christmas drinks, the hampers will feed a family and hopefully bring a little bit of festive cheer in their lives.”