Eton Environmental Group has donated £2,000 worth of food and other essentials to help people and families who risk going without this Christmas.

Food hampers each worth £500 have been sent to food banks in Middlesbrough, Bury and Birmingham.
Another £500 was used to buy pyjamas, hats, chocolates, and biscuits for children in Stockton, via a charity based in the town.

The donation forms part of our corporate social responsibility programme which is all about giving something back to the communities across the UK in which Eton works.

Eton Director Joanna Shaefer said: “Everyone in the UK should be able to afford the essentials, to buy their own food and other things that many people to take for granted.

“This is unfortunately not the case and as we enter a second winter of a global pandemic and with rising food prices, higher energy costs and cuts to government benefits, there’s no sign of things improving.

“More people than ever before are turning to charity, so we wanted to do our bit to support the organisations who are playing a vital role in helping those in need.

“Hopefully it will help bring some Christmas cheer to families this festive season.”

Eton also recently received a certificate of appreciation from Circus Starr, an independent, charitable organisation that supports disadvantaged, disabled and vulnerable children across the UK through a world class circus show.

In 2021, we donated £255 which was used to buy tickets for children to attend a show. This is the 14th consecutive year that we have supported Circus Starr.

And we also once again took part in Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day this year, bringing the total raised in the five years we have done this to £1,250.