Eton staff Chris Hughes and Chris Gill have both been accredited by a European body set up to improve fire door safety.

The pair have successfully completed the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) Diploma in Fire Doors.

This follows an online education programme they undertook which is designed to provide an understanding of fire doors.

The programme covers everything from the difference between metal and timber fire doors, through to the different types of fire resistant glass and the relevant regulations and standards that apply to fire doors.

Chris Hughes, Eton’s Health and Safety Advisor/Surveyor, said: “In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, anyone in control of non-domestic premises is required to undertake a fire risk assessment of their premises, including schools, hospitals and commercial buildings.

“Grenfell Tower provided a stark reminder of what can happen when the regulations are not adhered to.
“Eton Environmental Group is a specialist in fire risk management but we are always seeking continuous improvement and one of the ways we do this is by seeking national accreditation for the work we do.

“The diploma Chris and I have achieved enables us to inspect the condition of fire doors and recommend improvements, and the next step would to become FDIS Certificated Inspectors.”

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