Eton Environmental Group was engaged by a major UK house builder/regeneration company to provide a fire risk management service.

One of our most recent projects involved carrying out fire investigation works at a large, 14-storey apartment complex in the North of England.

This was a six-week project with all work being undertaken externally with residents in situ.

At 240 separate locations around the building we carried out fire compartmentation surveys which involved removing bricks and using a camera to check voids and cladding, as well as testing steel to ensure it contained fire protection.

We also surveyed common areas such as risers, corridors and plant rooms, and looked at balconies to see how they were protected from fire.

Fixed scaffolding was used to carry out the work and where this wasn’t possible, specialist access equipment was used.

At the culmination of the project we submitted a detailed report, with observations and recommendations, and are now working with the building architects to ensure the building remains fire safe in the future.

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