The Client

Longcross Film Studios in Surrey was established in January 2006 and many blockbuster Hollywood films have been produced there, including Skyfall, World War Z, War Horse, Thor 2 and Captain Phillips. Jointly owned by Aviva Investors and Crest Nicholson PLC, it’s stages and facilities, which occupy over 200 acres of backlot space, are in demand by the top production companies around the world.

There are 4 main stages (buildings) plus numerous workshops ranging from 2,000 sq ft to 13,000 sq ft, as well as considerable office space and canteen facilities.

The Work

Eton Environmental Group has been working on this large site since 2007 and during this time we have completed asbestos management surveys, refurbishment surveys, annual re-inspections, abatement works, management plans, as well as providing procurement advice and overseeing asbestos removal work.

We have also delivered asbestos awareness training to staff so they now know what to do if they come across asbestos containing materials in order to protect themselves and others.

The Client’s View

Bruce McArthur, Project Director at Crest Nicholson, says:

“Before it became film studios Longcross was a Ministry of Defence site so many of the buildings are very old, some dating from the 1950s.

“Because of this and the fact the site is now one of the busiest films studios in the UK, we needed an experienced company to advise us on all aspects of asbestos management.

“Having used Eton Environmental Group’s services since 2007 I can speak with authority by saying their expertise and technical knowledge is excellent.

“Whether it’s surveying buildings or overseeing the removal of asbestos, their professionalism and attention to detail is very welcome and we know that when they are on site, we can rest safe in the knowledge that the work they are doing is of the highest possible standard. Asbestos is a serious business and we have jointly put in place effective management measures to ensure the safety of our workforce and occupiers.”