The family of asbestos victim and campaigner Gillian North have released a video of her struggle to breathe hours before her tragic death to warn others.

Gillian, who died at home in Australia just before Christmas, threw herself into researching the dangers of asbestos for home renovators and warning others of her death at the age of 61.

Gillian believed she developed mesothelioma during one of the home renovations she undertook when she lived in London or when she moved to Australia.

Her husband Martin said goodbye to his loving and ‘wonderful’ wife in a YouTube video which also showed heartbreaking video footage of her lying unconscious, trying to breathe for seven hours before she died.

From 1990 Gillian restored two floors of a terraced house in Hampstead, in London, for five years, often without a mask or protective equipment.

Her second major renovation was a six-year detached house in Sydney from 1998.

As well as writing a remarkable 18 research research papers on asbestos, Prof. North surveyed 40,000 Australian households and founded a charity called Asbestos Awareness Australia.

‘If I can save one life by raising awareness about this deadly material and how easy it is to die from contact with it then all my work is worth it,’ she said in one of her last interviews.

If you are carrying out a restoration on any property and are unsure if asbestos may be present, please get in touch with Eton, or another accredited provider of asbestos surveys, who can carry out a survey to determine if any asbestos containing materials are present.