It was a chat over a few beers which resulted in Adam Benson entering the health and safety industry, so we are happy to raise a glass to the friend who suggested this would be the career for him.

That’s because it ultimately led to Adam joining Eton Environmental Group, where he now does a brilliant job as our Commercial Director.

But like all stories, it’s best to start at the beginning.

It was not asbestos, fire or legionella which was on Adam’s mind when he left school, but ink. Printer ink in fact.

He joined a print finishing company in his hometown of Leeds, initially as a desktop publisher. (Google it!)

From there he became a costing and estimating expert on all things print-related, before entering a sales role, so there’s nothing Adam doesn’t know about ink.

And now there’s also nothing he doesn’t know about health and safety.

That brings us back to the story about the beers.

Adam was having a drink with a friend one day when he mentioned a sales role at a company which provided asbestos removal services.

As Business Development Manager, he was responsible for winning new business for the company and during this time he first came across Eton Environmental Group, as we were doing some joint venture work with his company during this period.

Ultimately, Adam joined Eton in 2014 as our Sales Manager and he/we haven’t looked back since.

Now, as Commercial Director, he has a wide-ranging role covering everything from preparation of tenders and presenting to potential new customers through to customer account management.

Adam says: “It’s certainly a bit different than when I started working in the print industry, but health and safety is such a big issue and it’s ever-changing.

“Even in the last few years Eton has evolved and adapted to help customers meet new compliance challenges, such as fire risk and legionella, so there’s always something new to learn.

“It’s a great job working with great bunch of people.”

Outside of work, Adam enjoys watching his beloved Leeds United and is hoping 2020 will finally be the year they return to the Premier League, although he’s taking nothing for granted given recent promotion-seeking campaigns!

Married with two young daughters, he also enjoys playing football and boxing training, as well as doing charitable work both at Eton and in his own time.