Manage asbestos

Three directors who failed to manage asbestos properly have been find £57,000 and ordered to pay £200,000 costs by a court. George Talbot and his sons, Anthony and Stephen were... View Article

Asbestos town

Tourists have been warned to stay away from a town in Western Australia dubbed the ‘Asbestos town’. Authorities are concerned that curious tourists and thrill-seekers are returning to the outback... View Article

Grenfell Tower

The public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy has identified a catalogue of failings that helped fire to spread hampered efforts to save lives. A non-functional fire lift for emergency... View Article


The family of a labourer who died from the effects of asbestos has been awarded £475,000 in compensation. Dave Pearson, 66, died from lung cancer in 2017, after contracting the... View Article

Asbestos Management Assurance Process

The Asbestos Management Assurance Process (AMAP) is an online portal set up to collect information about how asbestos is managed in state-funded schools and academies, and whether that management is... View Article

Exposed to asbestos

Nearly one in four British construction workers believe they have been exposed to asbestos fibres, according to a new survey. The Institution of Occupational Health & Safety (IOSH) say that... View Article