We are proud to support Global Asbestos Awareness Week, which runs from 1st to 7th April.

The event – organised by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization – aims to increase awareness of asbestos and prevent exposure by bringing together experts and victims from around the world to share, learn, and take action.

It’s particularly meaningful in the UK because we possess one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world. This is largely because the UK government permitted the use of asbestos long after other countries outlawed the mineral’s use.

The BBC reported in 2012 that asbestos-related diseases kill more people than road accidents in the UK each year, with deaths set to peak around 2016. Whether this happens remains to be seen, but we know from our own experiences as an asbestos management consultant, that it continues to be found in buildings where lots of people were, or are still, concentrated. This includes offices, factories and, worryingly, schools, where The Independent reported just last month that asbestos is still present in 75% of schools.

This year’s Global Asbestos Awareness Week is focusing on banning the mining, manufacturing, and use of asbestos, preventing asbestos exposure and increasing compliance and enforcement of existing laws and regulation.

The week concludes on April 7th with an online candlelit vigil and the publication of the 2016 Global Ban Asbestos Declaration.

Eton Environmental Group would ask you to please sign and share the Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban. The list of “Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban” signatories will be published on April 7, 2016.