The Client

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s leading professional body for qualification and standards in land, property and construction with offices throughout the world.

The Work

Eton Environmental Group conducted a full refurbishment survey at the RICS headquarters in London during the autumn of 2007, ahead of major refurbishments to their offices and conference facilities. The building is made up of both Victorian and 1970’s sections, including Listed areas. The surveying was carried out at night when the building was unoccupied and constant liaison with the project team was required with regards to Listed areas and safe access. We¬†took samples throughout the building during the survey and sent them to our laboratory for testing and analysis. Asbestos containing materials were found throughout the building.

Eton then assisted with the tender process to employ a suitable licensed asbestos removal contractor and managed the asbestos remediation project whilst working in partnership with the architects and principal contractor. Throughout the works Eton Environmental Group supplied full analytical support, which included constant background and leak air testing and four stage clearances.

The entire refurbishment project took four years and Eton Environmental assisted throughout that time with further progressive surveying as the refurbishment scope evolved, and we managed any subsequent remediation as required.