The Client

Lovell Partnerships is a leading house builder with 900 staff based in offices across the UK. Part pf the Morgan Sindall Group, the company design, build and sell homes, as well as providing finance for land purchasing and refurbishing and maintaining homes and communities across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Work

Eton Environmental Group have undertaken works at various locations for Lovell Partnerships over recent years including management, refurbishment and demolition asbestos surveys. We are in the middle of completion demolition asbestos surveys to various locations within North West London on which we also provided air monitoring services whilst the surveys were taking place.

One of our biggest ongoing projects is on The Connaught Estate in Woolwich, south-east London, which is currently undergoing a £300 million regeneration led by Lovell Partnerships. This started in February 2014 when we undertook ‘test’ demolition asbestos surveys to 6 flats within a communal block located on the Estate. Upon successful completion of these tests sites, we were awarded the contract to carry out demolition asbestos surveys to all areas at all of the eight large residential blocks located at the Estate.
As the buildings had been vacant for some time, we came across bat infested areas in some of these large residential blocks. Lovell Partnerships had organised for a bat ecologist team to accompany us into these areas to determine whether these could be surveyed. A programme of works was put in place with the ecologists and Lovell to ensure we were able to carry out the surveys.

Upon completion of the main bulk of the surveys, Lovell Partnerships requested that we return at a later date to survey any remaining areas that were not covered within the original surveys, such as some loft spaces which were contaminated with pigeon guano. These were surveyed in September 2015. We are currently now overseeing the asbestos removal phase of the works and providing daily air monitoring services.