MPs are to set to vote on whether to move out of the asbestos-riddled Houses of Parliament.

If MPs agree to the recommendation of a parliamentary committee, they will move for six years so restoration work can take place on the historic building.

It follows a study carried out by Deloittee last year which highlighted the appalling condition of the Palace of Westminster, with potentially deadly fire risks, collapsing roofs, crumbling walls, leaking pipes and large quantities of asbestos.

If MPs vote for a full decant, from 2022 to 2028, the estimated cost of the work will be between £3 billion to £4.3 billion – with the most likely figure £3.5 billion.

If politicians refuse to leave the building, patching it up to basic standards will take around 32 years and could cost between £4.9 billion and £7.1 billion.